You know how I’m always talking about getting inspired, following your dreams and designing a life you love?

Well, sometimes, we can feel alone in thinking this way. Especially if you don’t have the support of family or friends. Take it from me: I’m a law school graduate and I live in a government town. Who am I surrounded by? Well, mostly people who have desk jobs, careers in the government, and fellow law school grads (now most of them junior lawyers) scrambling to climb the legal world’s hierarchical ladder.

Let’s just say not many of my former law school classmates decided to, you know… blog.

A lot of the people that surround us actually like their desk jobs. Others don’t, but they’re convinced that it’s the only “realistic” option to making a living.

Because of that, it can be hard to get their support when you announce that you’re going to pursue your dream of being a movie star or a published author. When someone with a cushy day job hears that you want to do something different, they’ll try and convince you to be more like them- they’ll say you’re “crazy” or “unrealistic”.


Whatever your passion or dream may be, it’s hard to leave the security and comfort of a typical desk job, knowing there’s a chance you could fail (especially in this job market).  It’s also hard to commit to it when you’re swimming in a sea of naysayers and you don’t have the support of family and friends.

But it’s even harder when you don’t actually know anyone who has ever successfully followed their dreams or monetized their passion.

I’m hoping I can change that for you, sort of.

I can’t give you new friends, but I can use this blog to introduce you to everyday peeps who have decided a typical 9 to 5 was not for them. Real people who are following an atypical path.

I want to show you that your dream is possible. More than that, I will prove to you that it’s possible with relatable examples of people who are already doing it.

Our first example is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, check it out 👇👇

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