Designer brings NYFW to Ottawa

If you followed along on my Instagram last night, you’ll know that my boyfriend and I were at the KANIA fashion show.


KANIA is an Ottawa brand that I adore. I’ve raved about KANIA on my instagram before and I’ve been a fan ever since I discovered her store in Ottawa a couple years ago.


If any of you know me personally, you KNOW that I live in leggings (I could probably do a post on how to wear leggings 4237123218974817 ways HA!). Leggings are COMFORTABLE and comfort is the most important thing to me in a piece of clothing.

Well, KANIA makes luxury sweatshirts. In fact, she takes organic bamboo cotton sweatshirt material, and makes dresses, tops, skirts, etc.

That’s right. Clothing as comfortable as your most hideous pair of sweats with “juicy” written in places they should not be written in. Well, KANIA takes that comfort and softness from sweatpants, and makes clothing SO chic and SO flattering that you can wear it on a date, to the office, brunch with the in-laws and even to keep you super cozy and comfy on an overseas flight.

This year, KANIA was invited to present its Spring/Summer 2018 collection at New York Fashion Week. Lucky for us Ottawa, the designer decided to do an encore of the show back home. It all went down at Audi- there were dancers, there were cars, there was cheesecake and wine. It was a fabulous night and we were so happy to support this amazing local brand.







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