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INSTA: @therealnessfactor
SNAP: therealnessfctr

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. We are a lifestyle and inspiration blog encouraging you to be the best damn version of yourself, keyword being YOU. Let us explain…

The Realness Factor is the product of a couple millennials who spent nearly a decade taking all the necessary steps leading toward a professional career path. Only once we got there, we realized a 9 to 5 desk job was not for us. But social pressures are real and we know firsthand how hard it can be to swim against the current and carve your own path in this world.

So what sets us apart from the mainstream? A characteristic we like to call our “realness factor”, i.e our desire to be our true selves, regardless of what society says.

No basic bitches here. We want you to be unapologetically yourself, whatever that means to you and however it makes YOU feel happy and fulfilled.

We want you to leave here feeling inspired, empowered and with the courage to follow your dreams. No more hating Mondays and living for the weekend. Let’s design the lives and careers we want for ourselves.

If you’re with us, drop your blog/insta below 👇🏻 so we can check you out.


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