How to be cheap but feel extra

I love going out for drinks or picking up a 6 dollar latte in the mornings. I love travelling, shopping, eating filet mignon and attending overpriced spin classes. I like to spend, k?

My perfect day would be brunch, shopping, spa and then drinks and steak frites. Basically, spending money all day long.

But starting my own business last January meant moving back home and becoming cheap as hell. I’m also working to save money for something in particular (see last post).

So here we are. I’ve never been someone who loves staying home (I get bored easily) but this year, I haven’t really had a choice. I’ve had to tighten up my budget, which means getting smart about where I spend and creative how I make myself feel extra.

These are things that I do when I need to save but want to feel pampered at the same… and hopefully it gives you some ideas

Find a Gym with classes

The gym I use has spin classes and hot yoga, as well as a bunch of other classes. Having it all included means I get as much variety as I want and also makes me feel like I can go to specialized classes without paying an extra dime has spin and hot yoga.

Diffuse diffuse diffuse

Ya really can’t go to the spa on a tight budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself or make your bedroom smell like a spa. I got a diffuser at Winners for like $11 and always have a calming scent going. I like peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus oil or sweet orange oil.

Shop the sales

I know it’s hard, but force yourself to over to the sale section of the stores and try to mostly limit your spending on deals. The benefit is that there are usually sales going on all the time, so feel free to go the mall and browse all you like, but don’t feel like you need to leave the mall each time with a bag full of stuff. It’s more fun to browse and then take home something you actually adore, rather buy crap you’re just getting to fill a void.


My skin is really reactive, so I can’t put just anything on my face or I’ll end up with cystic acne the next morning. I splurge on skincare, but here’s how I do it: I won’t do a full routine everyday. I use Dr Dennis Gross products (peel pads, serum and moisturizer). But I will only do it a few times a week, when my skin needs help exfoliating or it’s particularly problematic. I probably do the peel and serum 3 times a week. I use the moisturizer usually once a day, but sometimes I skip a day. In between, I use a cold-pressed organic rosehip oil from Whole Foods to moisturize or do facial massage. This allows my products to last a really long time, meaning I only have to stock up a few times a year.

Otherwise I use Dr Bronners (I like the lavender or rose) for facewash, as well as for my hand soap and body wash.


I do the same thing with my makeup as I do with my skincare- I splurge on quality products, I just don’t use them everyday. I’ve recently switched my foundation for something with a more dewey natural finish- I’ve been using Cover FX Natural Finish and I’ve been loving it. I also am using the the Kat Von D concealer which works really well and blends nicely.


Ugghhhh. If I could go out for happy hour every day and sip champagne or a cocktail, believe me I totally would. But over the last year, I’ve been bringing a pretty strong cocktail game at home. Unfortunately, it’s just SO MUCH cheaper to drink in then to drink out. I love to make an Aperol Spritz or a skinny margarita (just cointreau, tequila, lime and salt). Get some vibey music going, some salted peanuts and maybe a few friends, and you’ll barely miss the bar.

Supplement Your Income

There’s nothing stopping you from getting a part-time side gig to help supplement your income. But do yourself a favour, and be strategic with it. For example, I started working in a café in August and it’s done wonders for my wallet- now I get to drink my lattes for free which has actually made the biggest difference. I also use the tips I make on the job for my small day-to-day expenses, which helps me save. And don’t make the job a waste of time! Pick something where you will learn skills you actually want to learn. I’ve always wanted to learn more about coffee and be able to pull of some latte art.



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