Change is coming

There is just something about being in a mall during the holiday season. Call it the pinnacle of a capitalist, consumerist society, but the familiar hustle and bustle, glowing lights and festive décor provide a sense of comfort that I just can’t explain. The city is buzzing with the excitement of the upcoming holidays and I LOVE it.

Today is November 21st, meaning that we are less than 6 weeks until Christmas. As I write this, I picture the Love Actually countdown in my mind. You know, the little words at the bottom of the screen during one of the initial scenes, where Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson are doing their Christmas shopping.

As I write this, I sip my latte and my pink Nuun electrolytes, and I am savouring the moment. I am on the cusp of change and it makes me nervous. For now everything feels familiar, and I think that is why I am so gung-ho about the holiday season this year. I am clinging on to familiarity because I know that my world will be turned upside down in a few short weeks and everything will feel foreign.

I’m not ready to announce this change just yet on the blog, but I will soon. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time- but even I’ve been working hard to make the change, it’s still a little scary. For now, are any of dealing with change? I welcome ALL the tips.


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