checking in.

checking in world, how you doin?

i’ve been going through a lot of changes, have you? it’s almost 2019 and fall, to me, is reminder to take a step back and look at what i’m doing and where i am.

i’ve spent the last few months trying new things. i’ve always loved music and my guitar, but in september i started writing my own songs.

i’ve also been obsessed with coffee since i was 12 and in september decided to actually work in coffee and see how i like it. i’ve been balancing two jobs in coffee with the third job of being a lawyer and running my law firm with my partner.

it’s been interesting.

am i the world’s first lawyer/barista? i wonder.

on friday, i suffered an injury on the job resulting in a burn on my stomach. it landed me in the emergency room and just all around sucked. but mostly it made me stop, take another step back, and reflect again. how am i doing?

self-reflection is constant for me.

one of my biggest fears is having a midlife crisis (is this just me or a millennial thing?). i don’t want to be on auto-pilot for ten or twenty years before i realize i don’t like what i’m doing in life.

also apparently i’m over using capitals.

fall recommendations:


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