So I started a business

Wow…. It’s been a little while, so let me tell briefly tell you what’s been going on. You know, just the headlines.

After writing a few posts about my dissatisfaction with employers, workplace hierarchy and the current job market, I decided… Pffff, why not work for myself, you know?!

So, over the holidays, I launched a law firm with my boyfriend Kyle: Nadeau Young LLP. What better way to implement my life principals and core values than with my own business, right? BYE FELICIA to strict work schedules, uncomfortable suits and entitled coworkers… Hello HELLO to efficiency, stretchy pants, working brunches and a cost-effective, affordable legal service for all y’all.

We want to help bloggers, influencers, consumers, business owners and creative thinkers, dreamers, millennials… Officially though, our areas of practice are commercial law, intellectual property and immigration. You can read more about that on our services page, here.

Kyle and I want to keep things efficient and to-the-point, and the legal costs down. We also want to build our business around you guys: listening to you and happily tweaking our services to really meet your needs. The main thing you can expect from us? We’re  compassionate people!


Our goal is to provide a great service, help some awesome people and change the face of the legal industry with out-of-the-box thinking, alternative methods of practice (yes, you can text us) and good vibes. Speaking of which, check out our business cards… VIBEY right?

Alright, if you want one of these bad boys, send us a text and let’s chat!


2 thoughts on “So I started a business

  1. Congratulations to you both for having the courage ambition and fortitude to start your own law practice!

    You will face difficult challenges in getting established but if you offer outstanding service at reasonable fees you will eventually succeed! It may take much longer than you expect but it’s the first few clients which make or break… your start. Your repution as top notch providers will start to spread after that.Never compromise your integrity regardless of how much compensation you are offered.
    My best wishes for successful careers to both of you! DY

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