Hi guys- I had the most amazing time on Saturday night at the Great Pumpkin Charity Ball. I usually avoid going out on Halloween because I don’t love the cramped, sticky floors of nightclubs. But the Pumpkin Ball was the most fun I’ve had on Halloween in forever!!


Pumpkin Ball takes place every year. They have a full stage with live music, two dance floors, food, a DJ room, a costume contest, a photo booth, multiple bars and prize giveaways ALL NIGHT. Not just any prizes though, we’re talking dinner at Beckta’s, Sens tickets, KANIA gift cards, and WestJet tickets. 100% of the proceeds of the event go to charity. Over the years, Pumpkin Ball has helped raise over $85 000 in funds for charity.

But the best part was the VENUE. The party takes place inside a former church. It’s super eerie. Picture listening to rock music and sipping on a drink… while sitting on church pews. It made the whole thing very halloween-y.


I cannot say enough good things about the band. The Casual Affairs were AMAZING and the lead singer was dressed as a shark, which was just hilarious. Not only was his voice incredible, but we could not stop laughing at the shark costume.


My costume was super simple and easy.  I went as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s (no one seemed to recognize me, but I know Blair Waldorf would have approved so what-everrrr).

If you are still freaking out over a Halloween costume for tomorrow, this one was soooo easy. Grab some tassel earrings and steal one of your boyfriends shirts. Add a pair of heels and a cat eye. I found some beige leggings to make it slightly more modest, but it could also work with a pair of opaque black tights

For the sleeping mask, I actually made it from scratch. It took me about 30 minutes. I used these Martha Stewart instructions as a base- it’s basically just paper, blue felt (Martha uses silk, but I’m cheap), gold cord and gold ribbon, a couple of beads to make the eyelids pop out a bit and a glue gun. It sounds hard but I promise you it’s not- and I am NOT a crafty individual.

Finally, I was invited to help judge the costume contest at the end of the night with local lovelies @missguenette and @20ys. All in all, it was an amazing night.


Thank you so much to Samantha Moonsammy of Starfish creative events + inspiration, the organizers of the event, the band, the security, and everyone who helped make it an unforgettable party, for a great cause.

Happy Halloween guys, have fun and stay safe ♡♡



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