Holy Grail for Dry Skin

It’s daily dose time! Today, I’m talking skincare. Full disclosure, my skin sucks. It gets super dry in the winter and, in the summer, it’s super sensitive to the sun. But the bane of my existence has been acne.

I’ve had acne FOREVER. There are zits in my grade 2 school pictures. By grade 3, I’d started using concealer.

I know.

I’ve never been able to get my skin totally under control, but this year I started using a medicated topical cream and it has helped. But it’s not perfect. The main problem with using the cream is that it makes my face SUPER, horribly dry. Like snake shedding dry. Actually it was so bad when I first started  using it that I went back into the doctor’s office and told them there was no way I could keep it up. Exfoliation was NOT working– that gel with sand beads? Ya, it did NOTHING for my face.

But then I found this.


Drops of Youth by The Body Shop.

It’s a peel. To be honest, peels have always freaked me out. I though getting a peel would make my face look like a raw chicken cutlet but that’s definitely NOT the case for this peel. Your face will NOT look raw. It ONLY removes your dead skin- nothing else. And as someone with super sensitive skin, it didn’t irritate my face or may it feel funny or anything.

The peel and cream are also made of plant stem cells, which helps your skin renew and restore itself. If you have blemishes, it’s supposed heal them faster. YAY.

How do you use it? Super simple:

  • Clean your face and put two pumps of the peel on your fingers.
  • Rub the peel on your face, and you’ll feel your dead skin come off
  • Rinse as much as you can with warm water and then grab a wash cloth/little towel, dampen it in warm water and rub your face until all the product and dead skin have been removed
  • Pat dry and follow up with the the stem cell cream!

An extra little tip? The other thing that has seriously helped my skin is giving up regular makeup- I try not to wear it more than 3 or 4 times a week. If I do plan on wearing makeup (like in the pic below, which was before the KANIA fashion show), I’ll do the peel a couple hours before, then put the cream on and let it soak in for a bit. It leaves your skin SO smooth and voilà! The perfect makeup canvas.



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