Coffee with Cate

Happy Hump day y’all! (I actually haaaate that saying). Today I had coffee with a fellow blogger and I have to tell you about her.

Cate Brown

You GUYYYS. Cate has an amazing background in fashion and modelling (I seriously stalked her Linkedin today, no shame) – but she currently runs her own fashion blog: Cate County.

I am so fascinated by the fashion world, but it can totally be overwhelming! I tried to keep up with the recent fashion weeks, but frankly, skipping through photo after photo on had me yawning. I need the info delivered to me concise and to the point, ya know?


Well, no need to worry. Cate breaks it all down for you: upcoming trends, fashion weeks, fashion influencers. Apparently ugly dad sneakers are a gonna be thing! (let’s brace ourselves)

Cate and I had such a good time talking about blogging, fashion, our careers, feminism… and our mutual appreciation of Blair Waldorf.

Here are Cate’s handles – happy stalking! ❤

Cate County



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