DIY Eggs Benny

YOU GUYS. This morning I made myself THE BEST breakfast ever. You gotta treat yourself sometimes, right? I seem to go out every Sunday morning and spend $20 on brunch when I can so easily make it at home anytime I want.

Next time you’re craving brunch and don’t want to wait until Sunday/don’t want to spend a ton of money, make it at home!

Step 1: Grab a loaf of honey & oat sourdough from Art Is In, and have them pre-slice it. While you’re there, pick up a DELICIOUS cup of coffee. They serve Blue Barn Coffee, a roaster out of Wakefield, QC (so delicious AND local, a total plus!).


Step 2: Poach them eggs. I love a medium poach, not hard in the middle, but not overly liquid. To make it super easy, I use super simple egg poachers like this.

Step 3: Whip out your Vitamix and make the easiest hollandaise ever. Find the recipe here. I suggest subbing the lemon juice for white balsamic and instead of cayenne pepper, add a teaspoon of siracha.

Step 4: Toast up that fresh bread, top with a couple slices of local, antibiotic-free ham (I like honey ham… I know I know, there’s a honey theme going on here.)

Step 5: Finally, add eggs and SMOTHER in hollandaise. A sprinkle of sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper and VOILÀ. Just make sure you leave time to go to the gym later lol






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