I am feeling mega inspired these days and it’s about time I tell you all why.

A few months ago, I stumbled upon the holy grail of inspiration… but I have been kind of keeping it a secret. I’m a skeptic, so I needed time to make sure it was actually great before declaring it the holy grail of inspiration, you know.

Well, well, well. The air is getting crisp, September is around the corner and school/real life is starting again. Summer is over and we could all use a lil’ extra inspiration.

It’s time I share my secret with you guys.

It all started with my sister, who has pretty much been raving about podcasts since the dawn of time. She’s constantly telling me about whatever new podcast she’s discovered or whatever new thing she is learning about from a podcast.

I’ve never really been a podcast person. Whenever I’m in the car or working on something, I turn to music (like right now). It gets me in a rhythm, and rhythm gets me inspired, helps me focus and makes me more efficient (thank you Ms. Minaj).

That being said, about a month ago, I was doing some chores- okay well to be honest I had a massive pile of laundry to deal with because I’d been super lazy about it for a whiiiile– and for this particular beast of a chore, music just wasn’t cutting it. I wanted something to literally take my mind off of what I was doing.

Well, what my sister has been saying about podcasts finally clicked and I figured, why not?

Now, I had a preconceived idea that podcasts were academic and boring. Don’t get me wrong, I like to learn and all but, but let’s just say learning about the latest medical studies aren’t going to make my laundry pile seem any smaller you know.

So I picked up my phone and started browsing for something upbeat and lifestyle-ish. I was looking for a podcast that was conversational and easy, something to make me feel like I was dishing with friends over brunch.

WEll. What I came across was something waaaay better. Like, the brunchy vibe but with super valuable and useful content.

Behold: The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast (the “TSC podcast” from here on out).

I’m obsessed.

This is a married couple that podcasts together. Lauryn is the creator of a super successful blog and personal brand (The Skinny Confidential) and Michael is a “serial entrepreneur” (he basically has a variety of successful businesses including products, media and consulting).

These people are multipotentialites on crack.

Sidenote: If you don’t know what a multipotentialite is, it’s someone who is interested in a variety of things and tends to excel in doing many things rather than specializing in one specific field. Basically, it’s the difference between, say, an engineer and an actress-engineer-consultant-stylist who’s coming out with a fragrance next month. The particular term “multipotentialite” was coined by Emily Wapnick, whose Ted x Talk explains the concept really well. Emily’s website, Puttylike also has a ton of great resources for multipotentialites.

Ever since I started listening to the TSC podcast, a WORLD of inspiration has opened its doors to me. The podcast’s topics relate to business, branding, marketing, wellness, travel, fashion and beauty, with multiple game-changing life-hacks spread throughout.

Nearly every episode is packed with useful information that you can start applying to your life, health, relationships or career today. I’m not sure how much Michael charges for consulting, but he is providing a wealth of information for free on the TSC podcast, particularly regarding business, marketing and achieving success.

Moreover, I want to point out that Lauryn’s interviewing skills are unbelievable. Like, next to none. She will not let an interviewee get away with a half-assed response or some wishy-washy advice. She pries (in a really polite way) to ensure the guest is providing value that you can actually apply to your life right now.

The TSC podcast has brought me so much inspiration, that I figured I would compile a list of this new inspo for you guys. This list includes individuals who are incredibly passionate and I honestly did not know about any of them prior to listening to the TSC podcast.

Sooo if you are feeling uninspired, are in some kind of rut; if you’re dreading every Monday or hating your life; whatever it is: passion is contagious, so grab your laptop, check out these fine people, see what they have to say and GET INSPIRED.

1: The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

  • Where to start? I suggest scanning the episode descriptions and picking one you think sounds interesting.

Note: The show may include swearing and some of the content may not be suitable for everyone. Again, you don’t have to relate with the show’s hosts or guests 100% (there is a lot of things Lauryn and Michael say that I totally disagree with), but here’s the thing: it’s good to learn about other perspectives. It helps you form an opinion. It educates you on how other people live. It broadens your vision of the world. So why not? Also, they’re hilarious.

2: Tony Robbins

  • Yeah, I don’t know if I have been living under a rock but I definitely had no idea this dude existed. He’s a motivational speaker and life coach. In my honest opinion, his conferences seem gimmicky to me, especially when you look at the cost of a ticket to see him speak. However, I listened to the latest TSC podcast, which features a clip of him speaking at his most recent conference in San Diego. There are a few things he said that resonated with me, especially the Robin Williams example and how success is nothing if you’re not happy. Listen to the podcast here.

3: Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee)

  • I also did not know about this guy. I watched his Ted Talk yesterday, and couldn’t believe how passionate he was. He does not believe you should waste a minute of your career doing something you hate, and I am 100% behind that. Gary also has a podcast you can listen to here, where he provides a variety of advice, especially related to business and success.

4: Be Well by Kelly (Kelly Leveque)

  • As you may know from this post, I am not a fan of dieting. Kelly Leveque was featured on the TSC podcast a few weeks ago and I actually had to listen a second time to take notes. Not long after that, I bought her book, Body Love. Kelly has the most refreshing and honest take on nutrition, diets and food industries.
    The book is 100% based on science, and not some wishy-washy scientific “studies”. Kelly fully breaks down the digestion process, how humans metabolize carbs, fats, proteins; what are micronutrients, antioxidants, omega fats… Body Love deals with and clarifies everything you’ve heard about nutrition. She makes it crystal clear. Knowledge is power and once you learn how your body works, you will NEVER have to diet again and you’ll probably be able to fix all your other health problems while you’re at it. Seriously, Body Love needs to be in the high school curriculum.


Here are some blogs I’ve mostly discovered through the TSC podcast or the TSC secret facebook group (which has a ton of bloggers who are crushing it) . These are great inspiration for fashion, beauty, wellness, or if you’re looking to get into blogging.





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