Toronto: Affordable Eats

You may have seen on Instagram that I had to be in Toronto this week for an interview. So I grabbed a hotel for the night and decided to make the best of the whole thing with my currently funemployed budget.

Low and behold, I discovered that you don’t have to be a zillionaire to eat well in T-dot. With that realization, my 24 hours in the city turned into a full-fledged budget friendly foodie fantasy.

Without further ado, if you find yourself with in Toronto with some free time and an appetite, here are the 5 places you need to check out.

Breakfast: Baddies

679 Lansdowne Ave

Baddies is sort of in a rundown area, but it is 100% worth it. The coffee is legit, the food is really fresh, and beautifully plated.  Baddies is basically an instagrammer’s flatlay paradise.

What I had: It was late morning, we ordered the Boujee Burger (-$13.75) and the Brekky Roll (-$9).




Coffee break time: Versus Coffee

70 Adelaide St E

This Toronto coffee shop that mixes art and coffee. How you say? Well, you can drink a masterpiece.

I had been following Versus on Insta for a while and was so excited to try.  I don’t know of anyone else in the game doing something similar. Let me tell you, it is 100% worth the hype. The coffee is top-notch quality and the barista-artist was incredible.

Don’t ask for a particular design though. The latte art is whatever the barista’s inspiration is in the moment.

What I had: caramel latte -$4.50ish


Another coffee break: Sam James Coffee Bar

Blood St W and Avenue Road

Keep your eyes peeled or you might miss it. SJCB has other cafés in Toronto but I visited the tiny booth located on Bloor West and. Aside from being really really cute, it was the perfect stop before hitting up the stores in Yorkville. (I didn’t see the booth listed as one of their locations on the SJCB website, but if you look it up the street corner on street, view you’ll see where it is).

What I had: cappuccino -$3.30.



Night eats: Wilbur Mexicana

552 King St W

The hilarious and super friendly staff at Versus recommended this gem. You guys, this is not your average burrito shack. Wilbur Mexicana is vibey. How vibey? I was there at 9:30 PM on a Tuesday and it was bumpin.

On a side note to the vibes, Wilbur Mexicana is the best mexican food I have ever consumed in my life. It is also super affordable, everything being under $12.

What I had: The Cali Burrito and sub the suave sauce for the chipotle creme -$9.75.


Afternoon munchies: The Arepa Repbulic

Yorkville Village

This little food truck serves up typical Venezuelan food, which was totally new to me. I devoured it in the car ride home.

What I had: The Rumbera, which is pulled pork, cheddar cheese and garlic mayo -$12.


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