24 hours in Milan

Wake up + breakfast: Hotel Mediolanum 

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Hotel Mediolanum offers the perfect pied-à-terre for your stay. It is walking distance from the main train station. Although not high luxury, it’s brightly coloured, super clean and will have everything you need (including free breakfast).


Explore + Lunch: Navigli (Metro = M2 to Porta Genova)

Fabulous neighbourhood to explore on the south side of Milan. Beautiful canals everywhere and not many tourists. It ‘s packed with restaurants and hipster coffee shops. You can get a decent lunch here for cheap, almost every restaurant has a good deal (pasta, water and coffee for 7 to 10 euros)

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Shop: Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II and the Fashion District (Metro = M3 to Duomo)

Shop till you drop in the Fashion Capital of Italy. Everything from super high-end stores to department stores (La Rinascente) and your regular H&M. Take in the views of Milan’s famous gothic Duomo at the same time.

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Pamper: Make a Wish Beauty Salon (this is riiight across from Hotel Mediolanum)

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By now you’re feet are dead. Get a pedicure and feel like a princess at this bubblegum beauty salon. The coffee comes with homemade heart cookies. Their services are super affordable and the staff is really friendly. The salon is also incredibly instagrammable.

Aperitivo: via Garibaldi (Metro= M3 to Moscova)

If you’re in Italy and you are, for some reason, not having Aperitivo every day, you’re doing it wrong. Basically, go to any cute caffè/bar and order a drink between 5:30 and 8:30 (our drink of choice here is the Aperol Spritz).

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With your drink they will either serve you a ton of free food or there will be a buffet inside where you can take as much as you like. Or there will be both. And we are talking decent free food. It is GOOD. Think mini pizzas, mini sandwiches, deep-fried cheese sticks, potatoes, sliced meats, veggie sticks… You probably won’t need dinner after all that, but if you eat as much as I do, keep reading.

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Dinner: Eataly or Osteria Brunello

I give you two options here, depending on how fancy you’re feeling dressed.


Eataly is an institution in Italy- it’s a grocery store/restaurant/café/chocolate fountain dream world. You can get fabulous pizza for 8 euros.

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Osteria Brunello offers a fine spin on typical rustic Italian food. Their wine list is fantastic, but make sure you are ready to spend a little and eat a lot because they will expect you to each order at least a primo, secondo and wine.

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Getting around: Metro

 Your best bet is an ATM ticket (the same ticket works on buses, streetcars and metro). At 1.50 euros per ride or 4.50 euros for the day, it is 100% worth it. You can avoid the typical European long walks and super sore feet (meaning you may actually be able to pull off wearing heels in Europe). When I visited, I stuck to the metro, rather than the streetcar or bus. It was convenient, fast and relatively simple to figure out.


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