The Curly Hair Game-Changer PLUS Summer Must-Haves

Retail therapy was quite successful this month.

1.      Patent Leather Pumps from Guess: These heels are so cute for summer and surprisingly really comfy. I got them on sale four around $45 a pair at DSW. Yes, comfy heels, ’nuff said.

2.     Deva Curl Cleanser, Condition and Curl Plumper: My curly-haired friends– I discovered these products two weeks ago after watching this amazing curly hair how-to video on Vogue. Lemme just say these products have really been a life changing for me.

FullSizeRender 11

I’ve always felt the world preferred straight hair over curls. I have been straightening my curly blonde hair for the last 13 years. I have never been one to embrace my natural hair and have always preferred straight, albeit dried out and damaged, over actually letting my hair just be it’s curly self. The depressing result is that, on top of having super brittle and dull hair, fearing rainy days like the apocalypse, avoiding tropical destinations because of the humidity, waking up an hour earlier in the morning just to DEAL with it….. Yes, on top of all that, I’ve never been able to grown it past my shoulders.

Why? My hair always ended up breaking because of the damage. I’ve lost as much as 6 inched in the span of a few weeks just because of breaking.

Enter Deva Curl, this beautiful hair witchcraft. OH MY GOSH AMAZINGNESS OF LIFE. I can leave my hair curly,  let it air dry and it actually looks good. HAH! I am saving hours of straightening time too.

I recommend watching the video for the how-to and you can use the Deva Curl Website to find nearby places that carry their products.

3.     Make up

  • Porefessional by Benefit– this has been soothing everything out amazingly (acne scars, micro wrinkles, etc) and keeping my makeup in place for so much longer than usual
  • Makeup Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation– perfectly lightweight for summer but great coverage because undereye bags and adult acne yo.
  • Lancôme Définicils High Definition Mascara– separates and lifts. No, I am not talking about a bra. Also, this mascara has build-able volume so you can just keep applying till you get the look you want, without worrying about clumps.
  • Bite Matte Red Lipstick– this was a small sampler I picked up as a gift at Sephora. I highly recommend. It stays perfectly in place and has a unique fuschia undertone to it.


4.      Boho Chandelier Earrings from Express: so I can pretend I’m Serena Van Der Woodsen summering in the Hamptons.

5.      Bikini Top from PINK by Victoria Secret: since Pink is having a great sale right and also so I can pretend I’m Serena Van Der Woodsen summering in the Hamptons.

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